Satsanga Yoga & Wellness

Eating Disorders and Treatment

Content of the Subclinical/Clinical Treatment Program  (Currently run in partnership with the Center for Eating Disorders at Sisters' Hospital in Buffalo, NY)

HarmonyThe treatment program content follows a similar content model as explicated in the prevention program. However, as this participant population is also actively symptomatic there are additional content components that directly address symptom reduction.

One of the innovations of this program is that the manner in which symptoms are address is specially handles in a way which honors the wellness model and reduced risk for group contagion or for individual members to inadvertently trigger each other into symptom manifestation. To do this the treatment group signs a risk reduction contract at the intake sign. This contract specifies that no symptoms or strategies are to be discussed prior to, during or after group sessions. All group sessions are to be considered wellness oriented. Each week members turn in a journal/homework folder in which they can choose to turn in their journal and/or worksheets. These are completed privately responded to by group leaders in writing and returned each week so that each member can explore symptoms in a private and safe manner.

Session Session Content
1 Focus on Me Being a Female
Introductions, Review of group guidelines; Risk reduction contract; Self-concept activity; Mindfulness activity
2 Focus on Me Being a Female
Functional Assessment Step One; Internal awareness/homeostatic functions of the brain and body (functional neuroanatomy); Applying self-care using internal awareness skills
3 Focus on Me Being a Female in My World
The feeling sort activity
The Authentic Representation of Self and Unhealthy/Healthy Choices
Learning to Help our Brains: The Thinking and Feeling Brain (functional neuroanatomy)
The Yoga and Wellness Group Coping Worksheets (Deconstructing Slip and A Good Day)
4 Focus on Me Being a Female in My World
The Hungry Self; Assertiveness Continuum
Exploration of different interpretations of HUNGER
Functional Assessment Step Three; Hungers in Our Worksheets
5 Focus on Me Being a Female in My World in My Culture
Media Literacy and Chinese Foot Binding
Activities that explore the representation of women in the media and cultural expectations for Women
6 Focus on Me Being a Female in My World in My Culture
Review of Media Homework and Image Finding; Self-concept and media activity
Discussion of defining femininity within the context of strength and competence
7 Focus on Me Being a Female in My World in My Culture
Coping worksheet and the Concept of NO!
Functional Analysis and Behavioral choice within the context of assertiveness and competence
Making connections with cultural expectations
8 Focus on Me Being a Girl in My World in My Culture
Self-Concept Now Activity
Closure Activity Comfort kit; Reinforcing Self-Care