Satsanga Yoga & Wellness

What is Satsanga?

Satsanga is an Indian term that can be conceptualized as a “circle of friends with whom you can be utterly and completely yourself.” (Amy Weintraub in Yoga for Depression)

The Satsanga Center for Wellness and Positive Psychology is dedicated to the research of Dr. Catherine Cook-Cottone and her colleagues and students as well as to the many girls, boys, men, and women who struggle with eating, the experience of their body, and, for some, eating disorder. This web page is here to share with others some of the work that we are doing and to encourage all to continue to work toward wellness, connectedness, and the authentic experience of self.

Eating Disorders

We are here to better understand how to prevent and treat eating disorders (and related struggles). The Satsanga Page is filled with information for students, therapists, those who have or are struggling, family members and friends, and researchers (today and to be). It also holds, most importantly, hope. For those of you from Western New York, the blog page has a collection of links to Eating Disorder Resources in WNY (we know it is hard to find the right help, the right connection for you). If you have one to add, please email us (see contact form).

Why Yoga?

Yoga: to yoke or bind; specifically referring to the union of mind, body and spirit (wellness).

Although yoga has shown some efficacy as a treatment for asthma (Lehrer et al., 2002) and depression and anxiety (Mishra & Sinha, 2001), its use in the prevention of eating disorders represents an innovative addition to the field. Yoga is being incorporated in the hopes that it will increase physical self-esteem and perceived competence, as well as foster mind-body awareness through active practice. Our goal is to increase self-focus and care (and replace self-objectification).

  “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Mahatma Gandhi