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To make your gift online, please visit our giving page. Please specify that the moneys should go to Dr. Catherine Cook-Cottone's research, and specify the research project.

Doctoral Students

The Satsanga Center and Research Project offers multiple clinical and research opportunities for doctoral students. By reviewing Dr. Cook-Cottone's research page you can view the many doctoral students who are currently, or who have previously worked on research with Dr. Cook-Cottone. Experiences in research on the Satsanga project include group efficacy trials, control group trials, grant writing, assessment construction and validation, group administration, development and use of treatment integrity measures, and development of innovative practices. Dr. Cook-Cottone enjoys the mentoring relationship and hopes to publish with each of her students.

Master's Students

The Satsanga Center and Research Project offers multiple research and clinical opportunities for Master's students. Though Masters' students are often in school in order to refine their skills to become practitioners, the SUNY at Buffalo's focus on the integration of science and practice encourages a strong base in research and the understanding of research. Accordingly, Master's students are required to complete a project or thesis. Dr. Cook-Cottone has enjoyed mentoring many Master's students who have completed their Master's work for the Satsanga Center and Research Project. Because the prevention aspect of the project is located within the schools, this is ideal for school psychologists and school counselors. These students are especially encouraged to inquire. Also, some Master's student are interested in research experience as they decide whether to not to continue their education and pursue a doctoral degree. Experience in the Satsanga project can be a wonderful way to help make this decision as it offers a combination of clinical and research experience.

Technology and Data Input

In addition to help with group administration and research methodology, Dr Cook-Cottone is seeking individuals that are interested in data input and web page construction. SUNY at Buffalo students interest in gaining experience working on the development of the Satsanga Resource Page of this Site or helping to input data from research studies (with SPSS experience) should contact Dr. Cook-Cottone at