Satsanga Yoga & Wellness

Being healthy is the best
Education for life

Healthy food is good for you
Eat fruit and vegetables
Apples are good
Live healthy
Take care of yourself
Healthiness is happiness
Yoga is healthy


Monica and Mariah

I've made mistakes before but
I know I'm not perfect it's okay cause
Who could ever be.

As long as I do my best
Doesn't matter what no one says
But down in my heart I got the power
To make it all happen.

The first thing you just got to do
Think, feel, say, then you just do.
So never give up
Never go too far.
You got it, you got it in you.

As long as I do my best
Doesn't matter what no one says
But down in my heart I got the power
To make it all happen.

No, nobody can life your life but you
Stay true to who you are always
Follow your heart, your heart, your heart.

Crossword Puzzle

  1. We learned about _________.
  2. With proper care your body will be in good _________.
  3. __________ have protein.
  4. A partridge in a ___________ tree.
  5. A yoga ___________.
  1. __________ keeps you strong.
  2. __________ have a lot of vitamin C.
  3. We love __________.
  4. You should have several servings of ____________ a week.
  5. ___________ helps us cope.

You might think fruits are gross looking or don't taste good. But in girls group we tasted many unfamiliar fruits. We even ate ugly fruit (Korean melon). It was really strange looking but tasted good. Miss Tracy did not like it though.

Some of us were afraid to try new fruits- it took some time and watching other people's reactions to the fruit in order to build up the courage. Kiki thought it was good to choose with your mouth, not with your eyes. This reminds us to not judge based on appearances. Mary Jo thought the ugly fruit was like people- might not look good on the outside, but it is wonderful on the inside.

We had kiwi, oranges, white peaches, tangerines, grapefruit, apples, and pears. This reminds Danielle of our Girls' Group because the fruits are beautiful, natural, healthy, fresh and all different from one another. Each one is unique and special just like each of us. Isn't just amazing how much you can learn from such a simple experience if you take the time to think about it?!?!?


Mary Jo R.

There once was a girl named Sarah who lived on a street with all boys. There was one girl on her street but she did not like Sarah much. One day Sarah said, "Enough is enough. I hate playing with all boys." So Sarah called Natalie and asked her to play. Natalie was unsure on the phone and said, "I don't want to. Bye." Sarah kept calling but Natalie did not answer. Finally Natalie picked up the phone.
"Please play with me Natalie. I really like you!"
"Fine but only for a little while."
"Is now good?"
"Yeah," Natalie answered.
"Bye," Sarah said but Natalie had already hung up the phone.
When Natalie got there, they played a game and after ten minutes Natalie said, "Can I go now? I'm bored."
"Please stay longer Natalie."
"What will you give me?"
"IÖIÖ" Sarah looked around the room. "I'll give you my favorite doll."
"Okay," Natalie replied.
Natalie stayed for another hour. Then, after she had gone home, Sarah though about what she did with Natalie that day. Sarah made a big mistake. She gave away her porcelain faced doll that cost $150 for an hour of playing with a girl she didn't even like. That night Sarah decided that she would go to Natalie's house and get her doll back. A friend isn't someone who takes your stuff. A friend is someone who you can tell secrets to, who is funny, understanding, forgivable, fun, polite, nice, likes you, someone who can teach you new things, someone who listens and who likes you for who you are.
Sarah got her doll back from Natalie and now plays with the boys because they've got the qualities that a good friend has!

Girls Group

Taylor K.

Looking cool

Really awesome

The Kids

Think, feel, say, do

In touch with feelings
Doing your best


Yoga mats

Ms. Kane


All for yoga
No putdowns

Miss Tracy


Touched my heart
All to cool

Miss CC

In touch of feelings
So sweet



This is a story of a little girl who was sad and depressed. This girls name was Danielle. Danielle loved to watch TV and read magazines. She was put down from all the media perfection. Day after day, month after month, year after year, she suffered. She didnít want to stop reading and/or watching TV, but she didnít want to feel depressed either. She didnít know what to do and she didnít want to go to her parents because they had asked her about it and she said she wasnít sad or depressed. It got even worse! Danielleís friends all read magazines and watched TV too. So she was afraid to talk to her friends. Maybe they wouldnít understand either. So then she went to girls group. There she felt safe to write in her journal, so she did. Ms. Kane wrote back to her and helped her with her problem. She wasnít depressed or sad anymore. She was happy and delighted.


  • Mariah: I am going through a lot changes and I donít know what to do.
  • Monica: Well you can talk about it. Just talk to your family, a school counselor, or even your friends.
  • Mariah: Thatís a thought but it seems like Iím too stressed to even talk about it or talk at all.
  • Monica: Then you donít have to talk to anyone. You can think about it to yourself or your stuffed animals or write in your diary.
  • Mariah: Yes that is a great idea. You helped me out a lot but I need to talk to someone that can actually talk to me back and can hear me.
  • Monica: Well you should be able to trust and talk about this with your parents. Or visit the guidance center. You know she wonít tell anyone.
  • Mariah: Thank you so much.

Dear Jane

Jenna R.

Dear Jane,

Models just like to show off their outer beauty. They make you feel bad for what you really look like. To me I just care what is on the inside, not the outside. There are many models or even just women that try to get so thin they don't eat or try to throw up and it all ends up that they get sick. You should be glad for who you are on the inside not the outside.


The Girls' Group

Kirsten S.

Girls' Group
Is for girls to learn about themselves,
To learn about yoga,
Have fun with girls their age,
Taught how to cope with others and themselves,
Girls are equal to boys,
Girls' Group

Nutrition: The Poem

Jasmine and Emma

Beautiful is healthy eating,
Pretty is strong.
Good food is what your body is needing,
To sing a happy song.

Beautiful is lots of good fruit,
Lovely is grapes.
Ugly fruit is actually cute,
Healthy comes in lots of shapes.

Beautiful is vegetable platters,
Attractive is peas.
Your healthy eating really matters,
So balance your diet please.

Beautiful is what you're doing,
Pretty is self care.
It really matters what you're chewing,
So always be aware!

Allison D.

Men don't give women credit for what they do. A stay-at-home mom is (according to men) weak, but she is not! She works VERY hard!

Mackenzie S.

"When you reach for the stars, you may not get one, but you won't come up with a hand full of mud, either." —Leo Burnett

I like this second saying because it means that try going for your dreams. If you are not good at it is not like you end up with nothing. At least you tried. That is all that counts.


Christina A.

Live it like it's the last day
Dance like no one's watching
Run after your dreams
Don't jog – Run!

Jasmine M.

Be who you are
Don't be somebody
You don't want to be
People look in magazines
And see beautiful women and men
But when you look in the mirror
You see an ugly person
Just cause you just saw a beautiful face
Inside you are the beautiful one
In magazines they put makeup on
Them to make them look beautiful
But you don't have to do that you already
Look beautiful

Tips on Feelings

Shayla D.

"You should never ever let someone choose your life for you. You are who you are and that is the best you can give. If nobody can accept you for who you are they aren't being themselves. You are happy = happy. If you are sad = sad. Don't try to cover your feelings under your skin. Just because you are sad doesn't mean you aren't being the best you can be. There are no good feelings and there are no bad feelings. Accept your good feelings and your bad feelings. Feel you feelings!!

Erin G.

"If you need to get your feelings out you should tell them to someone you know and trust. If you need help with your feelings, ask someone you trust also. Everyone has bad feelings, sad feelings, and good feelings and if you need to get them out do it!"

Kelsey H.

"Don't put yourself down. Always feel good about yourself. Let your feelings out."