Satsanga Yoga & Wellness

The healthy authentic self develops as a result of attunement within our internal systems (thought, feelings, and body) and the external systems (family, community, and culture).

For each of us, Attunement is a reciprocal process of mutual influence and co-regulation within which we feel accepted and responded to. Maybe, most importantly, our strengths as well as our struggles, vulnerabilities, and imperfections are all acknowledged, negotiated, and viewed as an expected part of development.

The Model below (Figure One) depicts the Healthy Authentic Self within the attuned experience of internal of feelings, thoughts, and body and the external experience of family, community, and culture.

Figure One
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It is this concept of attunement and acceptance that helped us choose the word Satsanga as the name for our center.


This is where you can learn to experience the Healthy Authentic Self, within a Satsanga — "a circle of friends with whom you can be utterly and completely yourself."