Satsanga Yoga & Wellness

The Satsanga Center goals related to being authentic and healthy:

  1. We are working to understand and practice the healthy ways we can meet our own needs and appetites through self-care and relationships.
  2. We are working to refine increasingly effective treatment programs for those who struggle with eating disorder symptoms.
  3. We are working to understand and practice ways that we can work with our friends and families, communities, and within our culture to make healthy, authentic living accessible.
  4. We are working to develop safe and effective prevention programs for all boys and girls.
  5. We are committed to the development of a resource center for anyone interested in being authentic and healthy and learning more about self-care.
  6. We are committed to refining the ways researchers assess the effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs.
  7. We are committed to revising and changing our goals and direction as we learn new information that can better help those who are at-risk and those who struggle.